Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lemon Cream Cookie Cups--Easter Dessert

What are you serving for Easter this year?  I don't know what I'm making for the main course but I knew I wanted something lemony and fresh for dessert. So I fiddled in the kitchen a bit and came up with a sweet and tart dessert that I call Lemon Cream Cookie Cups. They were a cinch to put together!  Molly downed 4 at once and I've had a hard time keeping myself away from the silky lemon pudding.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Paper Favor Bags

Today I'm sharing a cute Easter craft for paper favor bags at Live Creatively Inspired. I hope you'll come visit me there!

Also, I'm receiving so many wonderful comments and questions from you all!  I love reading them and I get so sad when I'm unable to respond because a commenter is either annonymous or a no-reply commenter. If you check your settings and find you are either of these, that is why I can't contact you back. I'd really like to! Thanks to everyone who stops by to read this blog and to comment on it as well!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Painted Countertops--6 Months Later

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is about my painted countertops.  How do they hold up?  How durable are they? Do they scratch? People are skeptical as to whether this can really work and I'm here to say yes!  And no. But mostly yes!  So here is an update!

Monday, March 31, 2014

You CAN Make a Birch Bark Vase!

Don't you just love all the birch bark accessories you see out and about?  You can find birch bark on most anything from candles to vases to journals covers and I love it all!  What about birch beer?  Not such a fan. But birch bark?  For sure! But what's a girl to do if she can't keep buying new accessories?  Make some did you say? HOLLA!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Cooking With Artichokes (12 Recipes!)

A young man's fancy may turn towards love in spring but mine turns toward artichokes!  They are one of my favorite ingredients in recipes but as far as I'm concerned, they are like the cheese and stand alone. Nothing can touch the hearty flavor of an artichoke! Lemon, Parmesan, garlic all just raise it up to a level of sublime enjoyment!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You CAN Make Easter Silhouette Wall Art!

I mean!  You can!  I did it and that means making this silhouette wall art is simple but with pretty results! Sometimes less really is more, doncha think? And while it is a bunny, I think it is something I would leave up through the whole spring, not just at Easter. 

So grab your wine, turn down whatever you are watching, and read on as I convince you that you, yes YOU, can make this as easily as I did! And I'll show you my secret to a super crisp outline, too.

Bunny pattern (I found mine at Dollar Tree but you can free hand one or find a template on the interweb)
Black paint pen
Cream or ivory flat paint, either latex, chalk, or craft. 
Black craft paint
Small foam paint brush
Strip of burlap for making a tail
1. Paint your canvas with the ivory paint. I used ivory chalk paint but any flat paint would work. Let it dry completely.

This is the Easter decoration I found at the Dollar Tree. I am using it as my pattern.
Days of Chalk and Chocolate easter wall art

2. Place your pattern on the canvas. I turned mine over because I wanted the bunny to be facing this way. Use the black paint pen to trace the pattern. Remove the pattern now. 

Using the paint pen is my secret!  It makes a beautiful, crisp line. You don't need a steady hand when you are trying to fill in the rest of the shape!

Days of Chalk and Chocolate easter wall art

 I traced my original paint line to make it thicker but that's optional. I wanted a thicker boundary for when I was painting.

Days of Chalk and Chocolate easter wall art

5. Apply 2-3 coats of black paint to the inside of the shape using the small foam brush. Remember to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. (ok, here's something for the over 35 crowd...remember that commercial for the game, Operation, where the announcer says "It takes a very steady haaaaaand?" Well, that ran through my head the entire time I was doing this. No lie. How can TV have made such an impact on me when we had like 3 channels. Well, 4 if you count PBS which I didn't.)

5. Now for the tail. Use the strip of burlap (or any fabric really...wouldn't black/white toile but pretty?) to make a rolled flower. Scroll down for a tutorial for rolled flowers on the link if you need one. Glue it to the silhouette with regular craft glue or hot glue. 

See? Isn't that easy?  You can totally do this. When you do it, email me a pic or two because I want to see!!

In other news, my shamrocks exploded with these pretty little white flowers. Aren't they so sweet? Do you have anything blooming inside or outside?

shamrocks oxallis

See you later, gator!






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